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Today I went to an awesome seminar at Artspace. For the ridiculous sum of $5 I came away with pages of useful notes, many of which I will share on this blog, which was the first new activity I committed myself to at the seminar today.

The speakers were Rebecca Caughey of Funktion Music Media who gave us loads of great information including how to put together Press Kits and the whole process of how to do tour promotion from time of concept to the actual event and of course how to get people to your gigs and loads of useful people who can help in the various media.

Next was Lauren Clough of Maiden NZ Entertainment.  She not only gave us lots of information but challenged us with loads of tasks to make sure we did more than just take notes. A major part of her presentation was about understanding your target market indepth and making sure everything you do is consistent with that market. She gave us a truckload of information about Press Kits, both physical and EPK. How to get the right media to cover you gigs and story in a way that makes it easy and relevant for them.

The last speaker was Matt Turner of Kurb Promotions. Now I’ve been a fan of his blogs for some time and he did not disappoint. Now Matt reckons he is not practiced in public speaking, well he could have fooled the audience who were frantically taking notes on top of the excellent handout he left with us. If you are serious about marketing yourself on the web, this guy has studied it in depth and made it his lifework. You really should make contact and at the least follow his blog on MySpace.

What did I learn? Well you should have been there yourself. I took pages of notes and together with the tasks I gave myself, including creating this new blog, it would take me longer than the day I spent to tell you everything. Next time Artspace put on a seminar, go support them.

Oh and also a shoutout to Tabitha Frazer of Yellow Beatle records who was the only person who gave me a business card, it was a great one too. I hope to find out more about your business soon.

So thanks for reading this, I hope you will subscribe and encourage me to do more posts and also will pop over to my MySpace page, have a listen and send me a friend request, maybe eve give me a vote on the Demand It banner:)

Oh and do leave a comment please:)


Comments on: "Artspace Music Industry Seminar" (4)

  1. I’d love to hear any gems of knowledge you find about this business. I love songwriting, and I’m interested in starting to sell songs. I’ll be following your blog. Can you give us some of the notes you took? I’d love to hear some of the specifics that they had to say.

    Bri’anna Joy

    p.s. See you on Twitter!

  2. I’m a fellow songwriter, so I’ll definitely be following your blog. I’d love to hear of any tidbits you find. Could you give us maybe one or two of the notes you took? I’d love to hear some specifics on what they had to say at the seminar.

    Bri’anna Joy

    p.s. See you on Twitter!

  3. Nice work on the new blog Luigi and great to meet you at the seminar. It was an excellent day and I’ll keep you informed of any future events. I think the next one will focus on funding and funding agencies and why you should never rely on them!

  4. Hey Bri’anna
    Nice to hear from you. Haven’t heard a podcast for a while:)
    The thing with my notes is that they are full of scribble and shorthand, but if you subscribe to the RSS for this blog, you will find all the notes I thought were valuable:) I will be making them fairly brief if I can keep myself off the soapbox which I do on my other blog at http://luigicappel.wordpress.com where today’s blog was part 2 of a day in my geeky life in 2013.

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