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In many cases your Bio should be brief and to the point, a couple of paragraph’s is plenty in many cases. Most people who go onto pages like your MySpace page won’t read much more than that. If they want more they can read your blog.

Most people don’t really care where you were born, went to school and one a talent quest when you were 11. Tell them about your music style, your genre, what you think will make them want to know more about you and listen to your music. Tell them what you have achieved and what you have to offer. Think WIIFM (What’s In In For Me) Your Bio should be short and punchy.

At the end of your bio you can always have a note of where to contact you  or get more information.

Make your Bio fit for it’s purpose. You could end up with several of them.


Comments on: "You should have a short Bio" (3)

  1. Nice post Luigi, just wanted to check what’s going on with your categories and tags?? I’m getting bounced all over the web which can’t be good for finding my way around your posts??

  2. Hi Jason
    Don’t click on them unless you want to follow them, they are more there to help the search engines and other people find the blog, but you could use them to find similar topics.

  3. Hi Jason
    Don’t click on them, see my comment on my next blog.

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