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Your Bio is obviously the number one component. I’ve talked about what sould be in your bio. The next thing to think about is how professional does it look. How do you want people to perceive you. Have a look at your bio now. Does it shout out, this person is a pro? Is this a star performer or songwriter or is this something they put together in a hurry.

If you don’t have the skills to put it together yourself, go to a secretarial service or find a friend with Desktop Publishing experience. Do you have Microsoft Office? Micorosft Publisher would be an easy way of putting it together and you will find some templates either in the program or by searching for a template on the web. They not only have a section on the web about making a good media kit on on this link you will also find a link to their templates section.

So we’ve talked about the content, to some degree. The key things I would look for are:

  • What have you accomplished recently? Not the talent quest you won when you were 11. Have you performed somewhere recently or been featured in an article? I had the pleasure in performing in Florida and Jamaica last year. That would be worth including perhaps.
  • A quote from someone or a media that props you up would be good.
  • A photo. This is another thing that is important. You need a photo that represents you in an appropriate way. From a bio perspective (this is not a press release) a good thing to do would be a nice professional head and shoulders shot, maybe in an interesting background. The key thing is represent yourself in such a way that if you read it, you would be impressed and interested. The key word is professional. If you don’t have a really good photo, it would be worth spending a couple of hundred dollars and getting a professional photographer to make up a selction of high qulity shots. I quite like the idea of bleeding the photo into the bio, maybe in a triangle on the bottom right of the page.

Remember, your bio is not a press release. It will accompany a press release, it will also accompany a demo or any material you want to send to someone.

Your bio gives you credibility. It says you are a professional and treat your music career as a business.


Comments on: "What makes a professional bio?" (3)

  1. I almost let you build an unprofesional bio! Don’t forget to add your contact details, postal, email, phone (I use mobile for security and accessibility)and your personal web site, or the closest one to being that, such as MySpace, or perhaps WordPress which many artists use to create their personal website.

  2. You make a good point about writing a professional bio. I think for most people the hardest part of writing a professional bio is choosing what to put in and what to leave out. Because after all, a bio is supposed to be short. But most of us have done lots of different things in our work careers. How do you decide what to focus on?

    There’s a simple answer: focus on what’s going to be most relevant and impressive to your target reader!

    You see, a bio is not a resume. You don’t have to list everything you’ve ever done. Just focus on the parts that are going to “sell” you to your reader.

    For example, when I wrote my bio for my site http://www.HowToWriteBio.com, I focused on my technical writing and business coaching background – which is the information that shows that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to writing bios.

    Because that’s what potential clients want to know about me in this context. They don’t really care about all the other types of jobs I have held.

    A bio is a little advertisement for you. So think about who will be reading your bio and what you want them to know about you. Then advertise your best and most relevant features!

    • VirginiaSlim said:

      Thank you very much for being informative. I’m a songwriter, who swims in this type of information.

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