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Sieffe La Trobe – RIP

I’ve had a rather surreal day.  Over the last week I have been working flat out to finish my new eBook, nothing at all to do with music. It’s all about using location based services to help when you’re buying a house. Anyway I had just finished the draft and contracted someone to create a book cover design for me and went to check my email.

In the email was a message from Titirangi Folk Music Club, saying that Sieffe La Trobe had passed away and sharing the funeral details. The email was sent last week, but I was reading this an hour and a half after the funeral had started! I sat at my desk trying to take it in and couldn’t. The email said that there would be a remembrance and music afterwards at a church in Henderson. I told my daughter and she said GO and next thing you know, I’m on my way to Henderson with my guitar.

How do you process this? I arrived and sat in on some great music with fiddles, dulcimers, guitars, mandolin and more, with jigs, reels, folk songs and contemporary music and left it to my fingers to decide which ones to join in or not.

I saw a few old faces but its been so long since I was in that scene that I didn’t remember many of the names. Many I hadn’t seen for a couple of decades.

I don’t know how long I’ve known Sieffe. Going by this story on NZ Folkies, it was before 1984 because I remember visiting him in Fort Street when he was just setting up Fat Sparrow Studios. I still have a frame he made me somewhere that I used to swap photos out in every few days.



I remember the little shade of envy when he got himself a Roland Guitar synthesizer. I’m not positive, but I think it was the same as this one. He complained about the delay, but said that it really made you lift your game. I remember thinking I could live with that problem.

I remember, like him riding around on motorbikes with a guitar strapped to my back, folk festivals, clubs, good times.

Last time I saw Sieffe, he was jamming at the Coatsville market. It’s probably been 2-3 years since we jammed together.

I finished this song a while ago and it now has a rap bridge. Seems like its haunting me. A wake up call. Daylight saving started on Sunday. I hibernate in winter, don’t like playing in cold bars. I’ve been too busy working, not playing my guitars. Time to fix that:)

So while I didn’t write this one for you Sieffe, next time I’ll perform it in your honor.

Another Man Has Gone


On the streets of Avondale

Wearing the tread off my shoes

Don’t you talk to me man

Can’t you see I’ve got the blues

My heart is breaking

Cancer called again

Another man is gone.


Another man has gone

Life will never be the same

Another man has gone

How do we go on


A brother comes along the road

So drunk he can hardly stand

He looks me up and down and nods

Then he shakes my hand

Life runs in cycles

And they have to end

Another man has gone

Bridge (rap)

I’ve been walking down these streets so long that I can’t feel my feet

But I can’t stop because that’s getting real, accepting the deal

The ache that I’m feeling

I’m reeling one minute you’re there then you’re gone and I can’t stop

Because that’s getting real, accepting the deal


Now I’m on a back street

Man is glaring at me

His eyes are throwing daggers

Maybe he thinks that I’m a D

But I’m just a sad man

Walking misery

Another man has gone


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