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Check out your government music promotion agency

Your government recognises the contribution of the arts to the economy and sometimes you can forget them when you are striving for your place in the industry. In New Zealand we have the NZ Music Commission who have a great web site and offer a range of services.

One of their offerings is a free legal service. Basically they will pay for the first visit to an experienced music lawyer and this is something I urge you to do if you are about to sign any sort of contract. When I received my first Song Publishing Contract from Sydney Skyler Music, I didn’t know if it was agood one or not. I took advantage of this service and took it to David McLaughlin who went through it with me and set my mind at ease. It’s pretty scary stuff when you are giving someone exclusive rights to some of your songs.

Another great thing they have is Outward Sound which offers business development grants.

The Music Commission assists with grants, promotion, and lots more. Bookmark their site and check back for seminars, gig sites, tour news, competitions and lots more. If you are not a Kiwi then you probably have something similar in your country or state. Your taxes are paying for these resources for a reason, they want you to succeed. Check em out regularly.

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